Best way for having sex in The Car

Sexual fantasies are something that people manifest to give something extra to what many already enjoy, sex. Some are classic and common, others more controversial and even dangerous. But one of the best known, unlike doing it in the bathroom of an airplane or on the beach, is to do in a car.

Thinking about the exciting panorama offered by this idea is something that many have in mind, in addition, it is a very intimate way to have sex with your partner, the reduced space makes the two have to move very close to each other.

But if you have never had the opportunity to experiment with getting hot in a car, this is what you should know first:

Remember to park in a safe place, in many places it is forbidden to have sex in public, so it is better to do it in a solitary space, for which people do not usually travel, but not too far away, in case any emergency happens. It can be a parking lot, an unoccupied pasture or near a camp.

Do not forget to wear comfortable clothes that are easy to remove, in the case of women, a skirt or a dress, and as for men, nothing to secure the pants with a belt that is difficult to remove, keep this in mind when dressing again, Make it a practical outfit in case unwanted visitors appear. All the luxury cars can give you the best sex experience but If you are not able to buy a car get government grants for free cars.

Also, as in any relationship, communication is key, you can talk with your partner about the expectations that both have in front of doing it in a car, about what the two want to happen, so everything will be easier.

As for the light, most prefer that everything is dark, considering that, for obvious reasons, it is preferable to do it at night, that feeling that they are doing something wrong is something that excites many, just be careful not to hurt the other person’s genitals. If you want some light, you can help with a flashlight or with the light of your cell phone.

To prevent the situation is not so unpleasant and have less fogged glass, you can turn on the air conditioning, but always with the emergency brake on, you can also lower the windows a little.

If the car has a window on the roof, this is a great advantage, opening it will not only help the air flow better, it will also give more vertical space for vertical sexual positions, just remember to keep the noise of groans and others low sex sounds

Do not just recline the driver’s chair to do it while the man is sitting and the woman in front of him, you can also do it in the back seat and try to achieve the sexual positions that you usually practice in any bed or floor.